Terra Mater Art is a group of seven women artists and makers who are bothered about our environment:

Karen McEndoo: acrylic paintings and drawings
Jill Eisile: oil paintings
Dana Finch: paintings
Sarah Drew: art jewellery
Bridget Macklin: ceramics
Paula Downing: ceramics

Penny Williams: oil paintings

The group’s main concerns are the escalating and alarming issues of global warming, climate change, biodiversity loss, water and air pollution and deforestation: all of which are destined to have increasingly devastating effects not just on humans but also the animals and plants with which we share this astonishing and beautiful planet. This will be an inevitable tragic trajectory unless we act to reverse the damage...

Responding to this impending crisis we, as contemporary artists, have joined together to make a statement through our work and creative processes. We set out to raise awareness and inspire others to act in positive ways to make a difference. Local communities throughout the world are experiencing severe social, cultural, economic, environmental, and climatic challenges. Many communities are responding in proactive ways to take advantage of opportunities and to minimise negative impacts.

As individuals we can all make small changes at home or at work that can help to mitigate the effects of climate change such as sowing flower seeds for pollinators, planting trees, recycling at home or saving energy. Each small action a seed of hope to grow into genuine and lasting change.

Our shows are an invitation to others to work with us to grow a world in which we can all survive and thrive, protecting the boundless beauty, diverse species and energy of the world around us.