Marrakech Cylinder

Marrakech porcelain cylinder : diameter 8cm Height 23 cm

"I am a ceramic artist with a fascination for stories. Geology is at the core of my work: the forces which shape our moors and mountains, cliffs and coasts.

Each piece of work begins with the same blank canvas: a thin sheet of pure white porcelain with its connotations of beauty, value and fragility.

Into this I mix local raw materials which I find whilst out walking. These materials interact with the porcelain to build vibrant strata of colour and interest. The inside of each piece is glazed while the exterior is polished and waxed to a unique glow.

For Germination I have focused on new life, sometimes in the form of making vessels to hold and nurture seeds during the physical act of beginning to grow, sometimes it has been the birth of new ideas – many of which started to grow during the isolation imposed by lockdown.

I am an Associate member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and a selected member of Design Nation, a Crafts Council body set up to promote British design by some of the most innovative designers and craftspeople from across the UK."
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