Now that we have moved forward and out of lockdown we can at last present our show 'Germination'. 
The show begins on the 11th of November at 10.30am and  Private View on the 10th 3pm- 6pm 

You are very welcome to join us in celebrating this large and diverse show to celebrate all that is good in the move to protect the natural world and environment 

The show will include two workshops by the wonderful art jeweller Sarah Drew and the abstract painter Karen McEndoo

Saturday the 13th November

Sarah Drew 10am - 12pm 

Family Germination Jewellry Workshop


Karen McEndoo 2pm - 4pm

Expressive paint techniques

Saturday 20th November

Sarah Drew 12am - 2pm

Family Germination Jewellry Workshop


Karen McEndoo 2pm - 4pm

Expressive paint techniques

Please contact either Sarah or Karen at to book or see our Facebook Events page as below

We look forward to seeing you!






GERMINATION: a hopeful exhibition celebrating growth...

A hopeful exhibition of paintings, ceramics and art jewellery about growing, rewilding and new ideas...

Due to the pandemic we've moved our exhibition online for this weekend with live chats, studio tours, interactive dog walks, prize draw and 10% vouchercode! Use the code GERMINATION at the checkout on here to save 10% on our original art, ceramics and jewellery.

Then, fingers crossed, we'll be able to show you all the new work we've been making for this show in the 'real world' at the lovely Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens 2nd -15th March next year. The theme Germination has really inspired us and we're keen to share with you what we've been doing :-)

So join us tomorrow (Saturday 21st) on instagram for live chats with the artists and makers, starting at 11am to 12 at

Here's the schedule::
• 11am: Sarah Drew Jewellery
• 11.10am: Bridget Macklin Ceramics
• 11.25am: Dana Finch paintings
• 11.40am: Karen McEndoo paintings
• 11.55am: Jill Eisele paintings

Click here to watch the conversations: artist chats

And join us for a look round our studios and see our new work on Sunday 22nd November (hover over the links below to go straight there):
o 11am: Sarah Drew Jewellery at i love handmade things
o 11.30am: Dana Finch paintings on her Instagram
o 12.00: Karen McEndoo paintings on her facebook
o 12.30pm: Bridget Macklin Ceramics on her Instagram
o 1pm: Jill Eisele Paintings on Instagram

Responding to the current environmental crisis, with our Germination show we've set out to raise awareness and inspire others to act in positive ways to make a difference.

We can all make small changes at home or at work that can help to mitigate the effects of climate change such as sowing flower seeds for pollinators, planting trees, recycling at home or saving energy. Each small action a seed of hope to grow into genuine and lasting change.

Be great to see you online this weekend; the lives are interactive so you can not only see our new work, we can also discuss ideas, commissions, have a chat and plan for the future...see you there!

Here are our videos live!

Sarah's recycled jewellery 

Karen's abstract acrylic paintings 

Dana's oil and acrylic paintings 

Bridget's porcelain ceramics

See Less

Dana Finch in her studio

oilpainting by Jill Eisele

Inkwells by Bridget Macklin

copper pipe germination ring by Sarah Drew