Whitby jet riveted STRATA ring

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A beautiful raw piece of Whitby jet, riveted and set on a zero-waste silver ring: inspired by the layers of land we live on.

At it's widest point it's around 45mm wide, and this one is size Q: or send me your ring size for me to make a similar one to fit.

When we were younger Whitby was where we'd go for a 'day at the coast' with my Grandma and Grandad.
Packed into his red Lada, no seat belts, windows open to let out the cigarette smoke, we'd set off in sunshine only for the clouds to descend on us over the moors, every time, without fail
We didn't care though, mooching round the shops, losing our pocket money in the amusements and fish and chips for tea was what it was about...
And Whitby jet. We always had a look in the Whitby jet shop. Think it might have been partly what gave me a love of jewellery. So it was pretty special finding some jet to make this ring (and necklaces) for our Terramaterart STRATA show.
In case you didn't know, Whitby jet is 180 million years old, a gemstone which is anaerobically fossilised wood of the Araucaria tree. The modern day descendant of the Araucaria is the Monkey Puzzle tree (Araucaria Araucana) Whitby jet was formed during the Jurassic era.
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